Fall... is here!

Aaaannnnd…BAM. Just like majik summers over. Falls here…
My lindens went from lime green, turned yellow, and started falling yesterday. In three days.
Went from 90 ish to 60s with rain.
Oh yay!
At least I’m ahead of the game with pines and elongating trees! Now to work on the Ponderosas…

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Still pushing new growth in New Orleans. :smiley:

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However, the Pacific N W doesn’t get MANY hurricanes…
Late summer defoilage…
Good luck Bill…

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Sun is shining and summer is back in south of UK :slight_smile:


Wish it was here in the NW of England. It’s grey damp and cool, and out here in the countryside we have had temperatures down to 2.5C overnight twice this week. The horse chesnuts and sycamores are looking very brown and just begining to drop their leaves. Some of my larches and beech bonsai are begining to turn colour as well.


I would live to see a photo of your horse chestnuts.
My 3 15yo trees were eaten down to nubs by a hungry wintering over vole…
Now I have 3 2yo forests. I DID pop the terminal buds yesterday, where I could. Causes lower dorment buds to develope; lower limbs … Keeping the trees under 10"… for now, anyway. NOW, I can see that right limb needs wiring… or, clipping back…:rofl:



Sorry the horse chesnuts are all landscape trees around here. I haven’t tried them as a bonsai yet. I do have a Sycamore that is about to enter it’s second year in training to be a Mame bonsai. It looks like you’re doing well with developing the horse chesnuts.

Agreed, fall is great! Katsura already showing colors, pretty nice.


@Zencalc , your tag doesn’t say where you are (General area).

Sorry, @KurtP. Oregon, zone 7B, or 8a depending on the year. More like 7b this year.

One more time…
BAM… Snow for Saturday.
None of my trees are ready to go into storage. They will just have to tough it out. Pot temps are still at 55F.

Acer rubra. First summer out of nursery pot. Fall transition was too fast. Should be more red. REAL yellow in the sun, though. Lost my shohin rubra last summer… too hot, n dried out. Now I have 3 newer.
My Virginia creepers and liquidamber tree are going beat red! (Not good photos yet.)

We just got a frost warning here in Portland too!


I’m planning on letting things sit through it. Mid to High 30s should be okay for most of my trees. Especially since it’ll warm up during the day.

If you have tropicals, get em indoores, at least a shed…
I brought my ficus and elephant bushe(s) in when night time temps hit <40F. Hit 38F last night.
Everybody else is good to 30 ish F… gets put away when pot temps go below 35F. Or, as I have time…they don’t get covered until a 15F night is coming.

I inherited this Chinese Elm at end of August. It was really in need of ferts, and had a decent amount of dead branches that I cleaned up. But I over applied BioGold to the point that now it’s pushing a late flush. Will it be alright if I just let it do it’s thing?

Yup… it will be fine. They grow like this all summer.
Throw in a photo of the trunk.
Your tag doesn’t say where you are.
Elms are a elongating species. Watch the videos on the subject.
(I) would cut back each run; back to 2-3 or 4 leaves now. Sets up next years growth pattern. Doesn’t hurt the tree.
Or, you could leave it to next fall. More leaf mass next year, more growth on the trunk and primary limbs.
You do stand a chance of design issues, long straight limbs.
Throw on some wire and give the limbs some movement now.
My 15 yo (siberian) elm. Vole ate it down to a nub. Sprouted from leftover cambium on base. Cut off dead trunk (to right) 2 year old tree. Already cut back this summer 24 inch growth.

I’d say can’t kill em unless you REALLY try.


Fall sounds nice. I have read about it and seen pictures. I’d like to visit. 96 today in Dallas. It’s going to cool off to 88 next Friday tho!!
I shouldn’t complain tho. It does drop to the mid 70’s at night. We will get some nice color changes in a month or so.

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Yes, Dallas. You have it tough. Spent a week there one day. 105F, zero humility…
All joking aside… I will stick to the Inland NW. Four seasons. We all have our bonsai survival techniques. Mine includes scotch.

Fall in New Orleans begins in January and lasts until January 2nd.


Right on, thanks for the input! I was definitely wanting to trim back these leggy shoots, but I was going to wait until the leaves started to shed so it didn’t incite too strong of a flush. Sounds like I don’t have to worry about it? I’m in Pacific NW, Portland specifically.

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Is there a dormancy for trees somewhere in between or on the 3rd January @BillsBayou? :wink:

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