Spring hawthorn pruning

How do folks prune hawthorn in the spring to encourage ramification? Pinch back early like a maple. Let it grow out several leaves and then cut back? Something in between?

I have been allowing mine to grow out a bit and pruning back, but seem to get longer internodes and less ramification than I would like. It is in the early refinement stage.


Either way I’d say wire some shape into those little shoots as soon as possible before they harden. Hawthorn back bud all over and I’d probably wait until the new shoot have hardened and built up some energy and cut back, you can get amazing crazy ramification by clip and grow from the start.

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Tony Tickle had a live stream on Facebook yesterday specifically about development of hawthorn bonsai, you can check it out on his page: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2550551275202383&id=100007426059638


Awesome! I’m just starting some hawthorn and this is very helpful.

I grow mine for flowers, I prune in late May/June. Then mild to moderate fertilizer through rest picture year. I have found that pruning back branches in the fall, winter, or spring prevents flowering. If your not concerned with flowers I would treat it like any other deciduous. Might have 2-3 flushes in a single growing season.