Spring Bonsai is hard

I am looking to buy new hands after today :smile:

As Gimli once said…“Still only counts as ONE…!”


20 hours later with some help and support from the Mira community :smiling_face:


I get what you all are saying about bonsai wrist, but it is no joke. Consult a hand doctor to get exercises and get possible therapies for carpal tunnel. I have arthritis in my hands, exacerbated by doing bonsai. When my hands get bad, I use hand braces recommended by my physical therapist - much better than what you can pick up at the chain drugstores. Take care of your hands now and you will appreciate it later. :sunglasses:

Yes, Maryann, yes…
Been doing bonsai for a while… Today, my right knee feels like I have gout; and, my lower back is tweeking…
Been trying to downsize… Repotted my largest trees into smaller pots so I could move em. Then last spring got a bigger Jacklin Heller (?) Elm. Two hours to dig, wheelbarrol and truck to get home. Into a 3’x3’x1’ wood pot, 2 five gallon buckets of bonsai soil… Had to slide it onto a bench using a 2"x8" ramp… next to it’s little brother. Hopefully will reduce the pot size next spring…
Still have several large shimpaku to repot today!
Haute Bonsai!!!

How about after a 12+ hour repot of that giant field dug Acer, the only two people non -bonsai that have seen it commented solely “,I like the planter it’s in”…that’s another flavor of hard!

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Picked up my County Conservation District order yesterday. 5 each: Dug fir, Western Larch, Alpine fir, and Western paper bark Birch. Made forests with each…Also got 3 Kinikinic (for landscaping) and five milkweed (corms ?) for the monarch butterflys…

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Can we see them, to ease the pain of spring bonsai?

Not much to look at yet…

Alpine fir

Doug fir

Western larch

Last years Western Birch (this years are just sticks…)

Last years local seeded / grown Japanese Larch…(thnx Marty…)
I DO have way older / showable forests…
Bonsai On…

Ya, spring in the Pacific N.W.
Last week I took a long look at the predicted night temps here.
Decided to put my inside winter trees out (only 8…)… last night was 23F…
Bonsai On!

AAAAnd… now its snowing…

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Finally hit 75F!
My large Norway maple leaf growth was hardened off… defoilation time! (Partial…) every other leaf and 3/5 of the rest…
Let the bodies ht the floor!


This tree took this real well last year.
(There is a approach root graft growing there in front…)
Bonsai On…


I restarted doing bonsai in 2020 after a ten years hiatus, and every year I add a new row of tables. Next step is improving my rainwater collection system and then I’ll start working on a pond and a large ground growing area at the back of the garden. I didn’t do a crazy amount of repotting this year but next spring is going to be hard!

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@vinc welcome back! What does your rainwater collecting system look like? Whats your plan? Ive also been thinking around that a lot lately.

Thanks! The first two years I was using a 1000 L water tank connected to the roof of the house (with another one as a backup) and I was watering by hand but I got more trees and at some point it was just too time consuming. So I switched to public water for 2 years but it’s too alkaline. I’m planning on adding a pump to the water tank and adding more tanks to collect more water.

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