Small white insectes on Maple, should I be worry?

Hello, I bought this fungus balls ( I don’t really know how to call it)

And I don’t know if it comes from it but I realized that I have some small white insectes I thought it was white moss spots. But by looking at it closely I see it moving.

Does anyone know what is it, and if it is good and dangerous for the tree ?
They are a bit everywhere on the surface of the soil, around the ball and on the base of the trunk ( only the moist part of the trunk)

Edit: the tree grows very well, leaves are perfect and grow fast. No Bruning tips at all or any kind.
As I said I just noticed that it was moving but it is here since maybe 2/3weeks

Just real small fly larvae eating the composting organic material… Should be seeing teeny flies, too… And, a plethera of spiders to eat em… Everything is just as it should be, nothing to worry about…
Organic fertilizer… gotta love it! The trees shurly do!
Just normal every day happenings down on the farm… Spread the manure, grow the crops, feed the cows, spread the manure… enjoy the flys…
What’s that old song… Thank God I’m a country boy!


Ok thank you very much, I wasn’t very worry but as my knowledges are very limited especially in terms of insectes and disease I prefer to be sure :ok_hand: