Shimpaku styling - field grown by Tak Yamaura

Here’s a before and after of a Shimpaku I styled today. Tak Yamaura is known for his field grown jJunipers, Cypress and Black Pines. I have a number of trees from him and have started to style them here and there. This is the first I’ll share. It was hard to find a good lighting angle to show the separate pads, this was the best I could do. I also took a bad before photo not thinking I’d be showing it…now that I am though, I did my best to blur the background out so you can actually see the tree. Hopefully you get the gist. Thanks again for looking!


I’m going to steambend that top branch behind the apex of the tree. I couldn’t bring the foliage in front of it naturally…I just wasn’t happening…but I think I have the room to bring it behind if I take care and steam bend. I’ll update when I do that.

Stunning piece of material!
My comment is that due to the movement of the foliage and the dead wood, they appear to be fighting ( like 2 dragons) and the dead wood is winning.
Looking at the lighter for scale, it won’t be long until the foliage catches up.

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Great work Jesse. Amazing trunk and branch movement.

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Thank you very much! I’m actually working on a second very similar piece of material right now. I’ll be posting finished results later today. I really appreciate the kind words!

Thanks man! I was very limited when it came to choosing the front of this tree. The wonderful movement of the dead portion also turned out to be quite the limitation. I do agree that as it sits the deadwood is definitely ‘winning’ … I’m hoping a couple steam bends will help rectify that flaw. If not, I’ll have to depend on the growth of the foliage to balance the two out. None the less, I am pleased with how the first styling of this tree went. Ill be sure to post follow up photos after I tackle the steam bending!

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I would be pleased too😉

Here’s another Shimpaku from Taks nursery. I styled this one earlier this week. Looking forward to the foliage pads filling out a bit more the next couple growing seasons but a decent start none the less.

The two dead branches at the top look just like rams horns! Hah it was quite funny when my wife pointed that out.


Here’s another before and after from another Shimpaku I just styled. Trying to get as many in as I can before it gets too cold!


Great material, and work. Any idea how long these have been in the ground?

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Just terrific work - great material, like where you are going with it. Thanks for sharing the photos. Inspiring.

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I’m going to ask tomorrow to confirm but I know at least 5 years. I’m sure it’s a bit longer than that but 5 years is what I know 100%.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the kind words. I post photos of my work hoping to get people stoked. I didn’t really show anyone other than friends my trees for the first 8 or 9 years of practicing bonsai. I’ve just started feeling comfortable and confident showing my trees online.

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Is Tak selling trees again? Does anybody know how to get in touch with him? Thanks.

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Yup he is! Google Bonsai Floral Gardens. You’ll find the info there.

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What are the price ranges of Taks trees?

They’re not cheap, that’s for sure. I’ll private message you in an hour or so to discuss.

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Thanks! I will check it out next time I am in Van.


Both trees are gorgeous. Great work. Love the deadwood on the first and look forward to seeing the further development. The placement of the foliage on the second works really well.

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Been a while since I’ve spent time on this forum. Well, any forum for that matter. Just thought I’d share another shimpaku I’ve been working on. Standard before and after shots. Thanks for looking! As always, I appreciate your time.