Setting up a studio

Bought a new place and have a wonderful space that I’m completing and making it my bonsai studio.
Was painted today and has great lighting and ventilation.
Now I thought I’d hear from those who have created a studio on any tips and warnings. :slight_smile:
The space is about 18’ x24’ with a sink and plenty of power outlets.
Going to look for a good workbench for my tools and misc storage.
So like to hear from others on what you found was great or not so great when you put your studio together.
Thank you.


the first big question is what is the floor made of and what is under that?

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It’s concrete. The studio makes up over half of a 2-car garage. Been walled, insulated, and wired. Plus some more windows and a sink. And after thinking about it would say the space is closer to 16’x21’–was a little over-zealous on the initial posting. Haven’t measured and not down there for a couple days as we pack up the old place.


I would put down some form of resilient flooring. Standing on concrete is hard on the body. In my basement wood shop I use snap together foam pads that are about 1/2" (13 mm) thick. They are nice and cushioned, but rolling anything with wheels less than about 4" (10 cm) causes them to shift and eventually become misaligned.

In thinking more about the floor, I would probably put down a commercial or industrial grade carpet with a thin pad. Should be fairly easy on the feet and legs and reasonably easy to keep clean.

Thanks for the ideas.
Going to stay away from the carpet as with all the work I’ll de doing in there I’d rather sweep/mop the floor. Great point about some type of flooring to provide some cushion for the ole’ feet. :slight_smile: A good standing mat that I can still wipe off and such would be a good idea. Thank you

You could use matting that is used in factories where production workers remain in the same spot all day. it keeps the feet off the cold floor whilst providing a cushion effect for the lower body. Ideal in your situation I reckon…

Yep. will look for one or two.

The room is all painted and a big fan installed.
Move-in is later this week!
I see a ton of hours out there in my future.