Service temporarily unavailable

Did I miss a message about some Mirai web maintenance?? Seems like except forum I can’t access anything today :frowning:

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Nope just another websale :slight_smile:

Never saw any message, and it would be bad timing to schedule it during their big web sale weekend. Guessing the server crashed or they exceeded their bandwidth.

You can access the web sale through the email re web sale that was sent out.

Ah, you’re right! Thanks! Didn’t think to try that way.

You’re welcome. Happy shopping.

Same problem here… Mirai live is not alive

We just have to shop this weekend and have a break from streems and articles :slight_smile: as @ThienXiang wrote online web shop is accessible through the email sent out

That is fine for US…not for the rest of the world sadly…

Yeah I’m having issues too. Not letting go anywhere. Keep getting a safety warning.

Might be a good opportunity to review fall fundamentals in youtube.

Never mind. It’s nit there, detail wiribg is.

It’s probably to do with underestimating the traffic they needed to service – these are all pains of growing a business.

Having said that, no tweets, no simple message on their website, no access to archived material and silence on this forum is not matching the standard which Ryan and the team try to project. I hope they don’t take this the wrong way but they could have responded to this better.


Hopefully we’ll be able to watch tomorrows stream

Agree, the lack of any kind of communication is odd to say the least.

Looks like we are back in business. The main website is back up.


Indeed :dancer: all is back and running

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