Serissa Foetida Options

I have had this tree for about 25 years. About five years ago, the apex died back, and so I had to rebuild a new apex, which, as you see here is about 80% restored. However, a thought occurred to me as I was putting the tree into the greenhouse for the winter. What about turning it into a Pier Nieff? Or, is there some other design option I hadn’t thought of? So, here are pictures of the two options I have considered so far. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Current Front: Note that I am still working on ramification around the apex.

90 degree rotation. I don’t like this view as it is with the apex I am building.

BUT. . . What if I cut off the current apex and redesigned the tree as a Pier Nieff?



I absolutely love the idea of removing the top part. That’s what I imagined and covered the top with my hand seeing the first picture. It would look much older and more exciting.

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I like the shorter version as well.

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Definitely looks better at least from a photo point of view. Have you thought about leaning 60 degree’s towards the right and then bringing in the lower left branch? There is a nice strong root to allow a bit of a lean. The image of the tree already feels at least to me like it’s flowing right.

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I have long thought that serissa would lend itself well to a Pier Nieff type of design. And your tree seems to me to be a good candidate for it! I say go for it, and keep us posted.

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Yup, better.
Shorten on the left, extend on the right… Apex on right!

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Thanks for the recommendations, all! I think I will air layer the current top, and after I have made the separation, I will begin developing the Pier Nieff style. (You know that people usually ask for advice for the express purpose of getting someone to affirm what they already want to do!)