Serbian Spruce Pics

I seen two Serbian spruces at Home Depot today. I’m new to bonsai, so I’ve never looked at one before. I took a look at the first one and it had a ton of trunks under there. (Sorry for the lack of a better term) So of course that didn’t spark my interest for a bonsai. But I decided to check out the other one just out of curiosity, to see if that’s just how they grow, and I was surprised to see this monster of a trunk! It’s almost a 3 inch diameter at the point where my middle finger is, so who knows what’s waiting under the soil. Anyways, I can’t find a decent pic of a styled Serbian spruce, so I don’t know how good of material it will be to style. And I don’t want to pull the trigger on an $80 tree if I’m not sure it will look good. So does anyone have any pics of one of these guys, or a similar kind of spruce in a nice, refined state? Either one that you personally own or a professional photo of one?


That’s not a bad base for 80 bucks. I don’t know about the Serbian spruce but spruce in general make great bonsai. I think it would do great.

Try googling Pančićeva omorika
If you have Picea omorika it is endemic to one region in Serbia, it grows as all spruces.
I’m sending some video clips from one professor but he is talking in-depth in Serbian maybe you can use autogenerated translation from youtube to try to understand talk if no take a look at pictures maybe you can get some inspiration from that. If you have some specific questions maybe i can try to listen and send you some info.
Regards from Serbia.

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I think I’d go for it. It’s probably a cultivar anyways, grown from Serbian spruce stock with some beneficial traits for landscaping. So it may not look or act like a wild Serbian. I’d look more at the basic things that make it a worth while pursuit. I see a good trunk and nice lower branches. The needles also looks small which is nice. If anything, you will learn how to make it into a bonsai.

Thanks. I did end up getting it last week. We’ll see what happens once I get some inspiration.

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