Sekka hinokki first stlying

Before styling, long main trunk with lots of inverse taper at top

While working my way up the tree I feel like I got lost in his to create the apex. Suggestions?


So do you have a vision of what you are trying to accomplish? Cypress can be coastal style or informal upright or wind swept. Not all the possibilities but a few to start from. So starting from the bottom of the tree did you select a main branch? Once you select the main branch the angle of the crotch and the style you set the foliage should be a template for the rest of the tree working from the bottom up. I see branches going up and going down and lying horizontal. Having consistent angles and foliage tells a story of the environment the tree grew in. I think if the branches angle up and then wire them horizontal you will have a more consistent looking tree and the foliage will be set up to grow and strengthen the trunk and branches. I love deadwood and would have kept more length on the central tree where you cut it off. Look for photos of ancient cypress for inspiration. I go to old cemeteries and look at old cedars for inspiration. Good effort! Learn from others but the best way to learn is to put hands onto material. The apex is just another branch. Often flattened off in ancient, and gnarly in coastal or alpine.

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the great insight! I was going for an informal upright . And I agree with deadwood, I realized soon after I should’ve been more conservative and just left it long and reduced later. I see yeh, the inconsistent branching is what’s making the design not look cohesive and I’ll definitely take a look at old photos.


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I think I found inspiration


Definitely coastal influence! Look at the trees in the distance! I love to steal from the best… mother nature!

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