Securing Trees on the bench using the hole of the bonsaipot? Possible? does somebody has any experience?

Hello folks,

we fix the bonsai to the pot with wire. Than we fix the tree and the Bonsaipot on the bench like Ryan has shown on his video. “securing trees…”

Is there somebody outside how is using a onther system? Were we don’t see the rope? Maybe there a pots with special anchor downsite the pots, where we can fix the pot on the bench???



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if you would secure it that way you would end up the tree potentially starting to move within the pot.
One option is to thread a piece of galvanised steel through the pot in reverse to the anchoring of the tree. But the you would need to be able to secure this to your benches which would only work from below or with gussets to the side.
Not sure that is the most practical approach though,.

My solution was to use black paracord. It doesn’t stand out at much as the white nylon. I don’t have very large pots/trees, so weight isn’t a problem. I toyed with the idea of using a series of L-brackets, but I didn’t like the idea of metal pulling down on the lip of the pot.

thanks, i also have tryed the same thing with the l brackets, but i also don’t want do destroy the pots…

could be a possible… thanks for your input…

Take a look at this video from Ryan.

Already done…


I have heard tell of locks that pass through a drainage hole and secure to the bench for high value trees. Might check google if that sounds interesting.

Circa ‘80s Bonsai Today


Found it!

Who is an engineer, can we do better than this? Willing to pay. I think it should be a double bar system with two opposing bars in a drainage hole.

wow! where did you find this gem?? lol! I love this sort of things, old, esoteric stuff you can’t easily find with a google search (unless you found this on a google search first page lol).

What are the exact mechanics of this? does it secure to the rim of the pot??


It appears that you’d insert it from the top of the pot before you put the plant/soil in. Then you’d secure it from under the bench. You’d have to line it up with a gap in the bench though. Good idea. I’m interested to give it a shot just for funsies.

This is the simplicity I’m thinking about. I love it. Does anyone know/have best practices for drilling additional holes into ceramic pots?

You can get diamond drill bits on amazon. It takes FOREVER to drill it though and it’s so loud. I don’t particularly like doing it.

re: drill bits
I just watched a video where Ryan recommended a ‘tile bit’ for drilling ceramics. He kept the area flooded with water to control the heat.