Scots Pine Trunk Bends

@Dean_Kelly certainly true that the environmental differences would affect a tree’s growth patterns to some degree. However, location will not change container and soil (aggregate) dynamics. Akadama is used for its ability to scale down inside of a container I.E. it’s ability to refine trees.

Akadama has a modest CEC at best, and it is porous. This aids in that “water/oxygen balance” to create an idea environment to cultivate small feeder roots while allowing a tree to grow in a controlled manner. Welcome to bonsai and how it is accomplished. The remaining components in an Akadama mix have poor CEC and do not degrade. These are aggregates like pumice, lava, grit, haydite, and others. They contribute to soil structure, maintain the oxygen reservoirs in the container as the akadama “scales down” and retains more water for longer periods of time.

This would be the same independent of location.

Modern bonsai substrates inherently have very little nutrient content which necessitates fertilization at frequent, regular intervals. All this being said, I would try to accomplish the bend first and leave it in its current container and optimize its growth for the next few seasons. That way the bend can be set with strong growth and not set back several seasons due having to recover from a repotting. Bending a trunk is far less stressful to a tree than root work.

I certainly respect that people prioritize differently, and I in no way mean say that other approaches aren’t valid. They certainly are, have merit, and work well for many. My advice is simply what I feel is best to accomplish what the OP was inquiring about. Bonsai on and a great spring season to you all!

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Have you performed such bending on a pine? I’d love to see some photos of our trees.

I’ve done this on a single pine during a local bonsai society monthly workshop. I do not own that tree, I heard its doing well. My preferred methods to bend branches is by making small wedge cuts or by using trick splitters. Split large branch down length where you want the bend to occur. Then apply wire then bend or wrap with raffia or tape with wire and bend.

I grown almost every single tree I own work exception of a grape vine. I get my trunk bends in early, it’s easier. I mostly grow shohin and chuhin trees. It’s exponentially harder to do on small trees, in small pots with thick trunks.