Scale on Scotts Pine

I have just moved my Scotts Pine into the unheated garage for the winter. Scale have emerged on a couple sections of the tree. Suggestions for management. Thank you, Jack

I scrape them off when I see them. Easy…
Unless there are a ton, I would not get excited.
I don’t SEE too much of this. Eastern Wa. state.
I DO use systemics after flowering season, only when I need it. Might keep them at bay. Worked real well on elm scale. I try NOT to. I see lady bugs and small parasitic wasps all the time. I leave the spiders alone.
Winter oil spray if I think there are TOO many going into storage (now…), AFTER winter sulfer spray for palative fungus control.
Read this:
Mine does OK…


Hi Kurt, thank you for taking the time to respond.

I am in Champaign, Illinois , I store my tree is in an unheated but attached garage. Seems like the white scale really like my Scott’s Pine.

My Bonsai mentor has used a mixture of alcohol 20% and water as spray and that has been effective. But like all of us, looking for the best practices.

Thank you so much, I appreciate your ideas, Jack