Portulacaria scale

My elephant bush bonsai were overun with scale from the native elms last fall. What’s the best treatnent?

Remove them with tweezers or take a Q-tip, dab the tip in a little rubbing alcohol, then dab the little mealy bug bastards. The alcohol will dry them out basically and kill them

…Or maybe they just get too drunk and go home, I dunno :joy:. I tend to just use tweezers if there’s only a few but alcohol will probably be more effective if there’s a lot.

I have the same problem on my mini jade. Besides taking off the scale by hands, I’ve tried both systemic or spray insecticide (Bonide). Both seem to work, but scale always sneak back if you don’t pay attention for awhile.

I’ve had success against scale on my Jade by going through and scraping it off, then treating with neem oil. Alcohol and q-tips are great against mealy bugs, but with both, you have to stay on top of it for a few weeks. Otherwise, they come back full force.