Olive not healthy

Hi all,

I posted two or three months back explaining that my olive tree was not healthy and the forum pointed out it was due to scale insect. I applied some organic product that got rid of it but now all my new growth is kind of ill (see photo), all the new leaves have some black dirt on it and I’ve seen some brownish long insect on the trunk (and another one that was whiter). Also I have another olive bonsai tree (not right next to it) and the new growth have the same problem.

I’ll appreciate any help you can give.

Thanks a lot!


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It looks like you still have a pest problem. The undersides of the leaves there look like they been chomped on. Hard to say which insect or pest it could be. Could still be scale (although i dont see any in your photo), or even the following: whitefly, sawfly, aphids, spider mites, thrips or even caterpillars. I would move to partial shade and use some neem oil or insecticidal soap in the early morning or late afternoon and re-apply every 5-7 days for 3-4 weeks. You could even use systemic like malathion and water it into the pot. Just my two ¢. Maybe someone else will chime in as well.

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You definitly got some little bugs visible in the picture. Spray it with soapy water man twice or three times a day. That should get rid of most insects pretty quick and it’s no damage to the tree or environment.

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That being said, HOW did this play out? @joancotros is your olive doing OK this spring.

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Thanks for the replies!

Yes , in the end I bought an organic product and spayed it 2 or 3 times within 6 weeks. That did the job. Scary though… not nice to see so many bugs moving around your little tree…

Hi from Barcelona!


What’s the name of this product? Or it’s active component?

Awsome. @joancotros Drop us a photo of the whole tree.
I’m jealous. Have wanted a olive for years…