Save my sea grape

I’ve been growing a pre-bonsai sea grape for about a year and a half with success. Just recently I started seeing red spots and zero growth. I tried re-potting the guy and his roots look great, but the red spots are continuing to spread. Does anyone have an idea about what this is?

Hi, I thought they did go a purple red colour but that does look a bit weird with that spot. If it was mine I wouldn’t be worrying.

no experience with the species. But has some fungal pattern imo, so would then treat with some broad spectrum fungicide if it spreads

BUT: If i look at the picture your hand is completely purple also (which is why i did not recognise it in the beginning). So i assume what we see on the picture is not as it presents in actuality.

Ive only ever seen seagrapes in the wild. Know NOTHING about the type.
However, the fingerprint pattern appears to be a leafminer?
Fleshy leaf.
Can these take a systemic? bug killer?

You know, I was actually not all that worried at first and then I watched the stream about nematodes and suddenly everything looks like a borer to me. Also, there are some purple lights in the greenhouse for younger plants, but I can assure you that dark purple is very close to the real color. I’m going to try hitting it with some copper based fungicide and see if that does trick.