Sabina juniper foliage

Hi guys
I acquired a new Sabina juniper , that I have posted before , it did have a spider mite problem when I acquired it , I have managed to eradicate at the mites over the past two months

The tree is showing signs of new growth (along with the rest of my junipers )

But I am still finding yellowing growth that I can just flick off .

So my question is , how long generally would it take for compromised foliage on a juniper to actually die?

Could this foliage have been dead a month ?and only showing signs now that it’s heating up and growth has started

I’m trying to pinpoint a time line , I know deciduous will give you an indication pretty much straight away
Sorry for the long winded explanation

Juniper dead branches/foliage, take time to become apparent and show their “true, dead colour”.

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