Rosa rugosa repotting/reduction

Hi guys. Found a nice super hardy Rosa rugosa at a nursery. I’m in Canada USDA zone 3-4. This Rose is super hardy and has a nice base and branch distribution. A few of the buds have the leaf starting to unfold and a lot are very swollen. It’s in a deep rose nursery container, now is it too late to repot if it is that far along? I was hoping to take the roots down by half into a bigger size pond pot. Thanks!

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Personally, I would wait until next year’s repotting season. If you repot now, it might be ok, but at the same time, you might end setting the tree back in health and development by several years. U have to remember, each repotting with proper root work is like open heart surgery- the “patient” might not make it if the conditions are not right.

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thanks for your input, at least the pots are deep and not wide and don’t take a lot of space