Coast live oak repot

Hello everyone! I have a coast live oak that need to be reported sooner than later. It’s been sheltered in a warmer green house, but is beginning to push bud already. I’ve heard Ryan mention

coastal trees and other broad leafed evergreens can push bud in early to mid winter if it’s warmer, but when would I repot? Now right before this flush of growth pushes, or when this growth hardens off and pushes again in spring? Any thoughts and guidance would be awesome.

It looks like it’s only that area that’s actually pushing growth right now? If so, your probably safe to repot now. Also depends on how severe the repot is going to be. I tend to repot my oaks earlier than other trees, usually January but I’ve found aftercare is key with oaks.

Correct it’s currently pushing growth. I’ve just caught it early. I’m only removing no more than30% ideally. Could you specify on aftercare? Anything I should watch for or know going into this? This trees really come a long way and would hate to lose it. The name of the game.

Aftercare being protect it from freeze/frost and excessive rain. Idk where you’re located at but I’m my location (foothills of the sierras) January repots have been good for oaks as long as you can provide this, though I haven’t seen any push out as early as yours.