Too soon to repot?

I did a workshop on 11/30 to 12/1 at Nursery Way with Walter Pall and not sure if it’s too soon to repor some of the trees that had been wired, prunes and styled? Some of them are rootbound in nursery containers, and 2 are yamadori collected several years ago.

Nursery containers
Shimpaku Juniper
Red pine Jane Kluis variant

Yamadori in pumice

I’d like to get them in a better container and then let them grow and recover. Let me know if you think it’s too soon or not. Trees seem to be doing ok and not dead branches.

It depends on how intense the work you did was.
If you cut a lot off and/or put some heavy bends in then I would wait. If you did minor foliage reduction and wired out smaller tertiary branches then you are more likely to be ok.


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Hi @Bond
Can you slip the trees out of the pots to have a quick look at the roots? If they are healthy it’s worth a go, and if not then put them back. There are too many factors to consider, as @ryan.marin points out to give a definitive answer.

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