Rocky Mountain Maple (Acer glabrum)


I picked up a Rocky Mountain Maple while I was on vacation in the Shasta area of northern California. I find it interesting that there is not much in the sense of people using this tree in bonsai at least not that I can find online.

Has anyone had any experience with this tree as a bonsai?


Erik Salmon

I have a very small one that I’m basically just trying to grow bigger so I’m mostly not touching it. Mine is technically the douglas variety, that is native on the pacific northwest (regular galabrum is more common in the Rockies I believe).

I’ve heard the leaves stay too big to be good bonsai but i don’t let something silly like that stop me from trying.

Wish I could tell you more. At the moment, I’m just treating it like a basic maple.

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Yeah, mine is the regular galabrum. Right now I am leaving it alone and will start working on it next season.