Picea glauca (Super green) - advices

I have a Pice glauca spruce, bought for Christmas.
I would like to make a bonsai from it and i wold really appreciate any advice on this topic.
I already know that this is not the best species for bonsai, from what i understand i can do some (25%) pruning at this time.
The branches seem to be strong, multiple buds on them, 120cm/47inch tall from the bottom of the pot.
Would really like to hear from you guys what do you think, what style should/can i go with and so on.

Past 2 years i have been focusing more on deciduous trees, in conifers, i am fairly new.


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Picea Glauca has a lot of common names, but one is Alberta Spruce. We’ve got a relatively recent topic on the Alberta Spruce and the most recent live stream was on the Alberta Spruce (not yet in the library, but hopefully soon). I believe most of this discussion is centered around the dwarf Albert spruce, but I believe it should mostly apply to the Super Green variety too.

Awesome. Thanks!
Did not know that this species is the Alberta spruce. Did look familiar but i wasn’t sure.
Will be much easier to google stuff about it i assume. :slight_smile:

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I should probably amend my above statement. The Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a cultivar of Picea Glauca, and probably has more weird nuances than the standard Picea Glauca. From the pics of yours, this looks more like a standard spruce and it might also be worth looking at streams with Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea Pungens) and even the Engleman Spruce (Picea Engelmannii) in the library.