Picea glauca (Super green) - advice

Yet another similar post from me, as i said in previous post, have been mostly learning about deciduous trees for past 2 year, so the conifers are a bit of a mistery for me.

Today i bought Picea glauca on the cheap (9e in a local hardware store), the tree is 40cm/16inch tall from the soil level, some of the tree trunk is still in the soil. Tree looks healthy, plenty of buds.

Would like to now, how much can i prune, can i do it now, should i wait and what style/design would you recommend?


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There is a lot of strategy to bonsai. To answer that question we need to know “what you are trying to achieve“. Do you want this tree to get thicker? Do you want to put it in a bonsai pot and style it now? Do you want to chop the trunk low down and grow out a new leader?