Introduction and Bald Cypress question

Hi All! I’m new here. Just found the site about two weeks ago and I’m hooked. Seems like a great community here. I live in Western Pennsylvania (east coast United States), and Mirai and Heron’s Bonsai videos have rekindled my love of Bonsai.

Which brings me to my post -

I picked up a very inexpensive Dawn Redwood over the weekend, and they delivered it today. Along with accidentally leaving me a 5’ tall Bald Cypress. They don’t want to come get it, so I’m apparently its owner now! Like I said, it’s about 5’ tall, but the lowest branch is fairly far up the trunk. It’s got some small growth lower, but that growth isn’t lignified so not counting on it sticking around.

Is it worth planting this guy in the backyard to eventually do some air layering? What would you do if it was yours? Just looking for some thoughts on this. Thanks in advance and I look forward to interacting with everyone!

Welcome @JM27
If you grow it strong for a season and then cut it back/ prune, it should back bud from the trunck.

It looks like the first branches are at about 2 ft. (60 cm) so that could be a good place to start a flat top. As @AndyK said it will bud from the trunk when growing strongly. I am betting that most of the small bits you see on the trunk will lignify if you let them grow. I am constantly knocking them off the lower trunk of my bald cypress.

Pretty easy to get back-budding on Bald Cypress, even low on the trunk, especially on relatively young material. Review the bald cypress and dawn redwood streams, as they are treated almost the same.

@AndyK - Thanks! I think that’s going to be the plan!

@MartyWeiser - Good eye! Those branches are almost exactly 2ft up! Good to know about the smaller growth. I’m fairly familiar with Dawn Redwoods but don’t have a clue about the Cypress. From watching the videos you all recommended, it seems like they’re somewhat similar.

@Zencalc - Thanks! Checked out a handful of the Cypress videos earlier. Good to know it will back-bud readily (assuming I don’t screw it up of course. lol).

Appreciate everyone’s advice!