Populus fremontii

Hi folks. My son and I live in Nevada and are interested in the local trees here. There are plenty of Pinyon pines and a variety of Junipers. We often go on road trip into the eastern interior of Nevada and see the large Cottonwoods along the road. They are huge and have an interesting bark structure. Has anyone seen the Populus Fremontii as a bonsai? If so, do you have any pictures?

Hi David.
Did you find any cottonwood to dig and pot up? I’ve contemplated this species for a long time. Just have not acted. Should have. I think a 36 inch single / forest would look awsome?..once the trees reached 20 years…
Whimped out and did several tremuloides. 20 years later they are starting to have good bark. Put together a 9 tree forest this year, too. Now, the wait.

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Hi Kurt, As a beginner I decided to go a little more conventional and just learn about easier trees to get some success under my belt. With help of good peeps such as yourself, and of course Ryan and Mirai, that success has come, On populous fremontii I have learned that long node control is extremely difficult due to extreme growth rate. I’m still looking for a dwarfed example in the wild with no avail. As far as fremontii forest, the closest I’ve seen two together is a 1/4 of a city block, even in the wild. Thanks for responding to this question. It was one of the first that I asked on Mirai forum!

I never see them for sale. I see young trees infrequently, and usually at a bad time.

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