Rocky Mountain Juniper Struggling?

Hello, I’m located in Chicago, IL (Zone 5), and have had a Rocky Mountain Juniper since March 2021. The Juniper had been in the nursery pot for about 2ish years before March 26th, when I repotted. Since repotting – there have been no signs of dieback or any health concerns. However, recently I’ve been having some slight color change in some areas of foliage and want to be ahead of it as it does not look very good (see photos below).

Some background: the tree has been doing very well currently potted in 1/3 Akadama, 1/3 pumice, and 1/3 Lava rock. Just recently have I begun spraying my trees every two weeks with a mixed fungicide of Mancozeb (Bonide) as well as a light fertilizer mix every 6 weeks (its first time being fertilized just last Sunday). Not sure what could be causing the change. I am thinking it could be a slight overwatering problem? It has been raining here a lot the past month and I very rarely let the soil get/stay dry with my own watering.

The foliage looks healthy over all and fairly full. If you’re talking about the lime green, that’s new growth at the tips. There is some minor die back on the small interior shoots that could be from lack of light and air to the interior. I would wait for the tree to flush out fully, if it grows strong and is giving you the right sign then style it later in the year.