Rocky Mountain Juniper in Workshop

I will be working on this Rocky Mountain Juniper in a workshop this weekend. I am trying to make sure I bring everything I need.

  • Raffia
  • Bowl for water
  • Copper Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers
  • Concave Cutter
  • Knob Cutter
  • Root Cutter for dead wood
  • Knife or something sharp for peeling bark
  • Brushes

What did I forget?


I like to have propping blocks around. The bottom branch looks fairly horizontal. You might need them.


That’s a good suggestion. I always just make due with what I have, but you are right. I should make a few blocks to have.

If there is an intension to elevate any branches a length of rebar comes in handy. Also some prop wire and boards to keep the tree stable in the container while you work on it.:nerd_face:
I like to paint the rebar so it is not so ugly. My favorite colors are green or black. :grin:
Beautiful tree! Have fun, learn lots!

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Looks like the tree is choosing the style. Who’s leading the chop?
Parallel horizontal trunks… Looks healthy.
Yes, rebar. Cut seal?
I see deadwood…MAYBE a dremel grinder and several bits / or carving tools.
Maybe a fine tooth saw.
Large limb trimmers and scissers of course .
Have beer on ice for after.
Post after photos! Please.

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Naoki Maeoka is the man this year at the Mid-America Bonsai Exhibition in Chicago. I will share. Maybe start a progression thread. Rewatching some of Ryan’s videos to prepare.

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I have some cut paste in my tool box, but its the tub with the green cap. What do you recomend. I have access to a variety in my shop.

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I actually left the rebar and raffia at home by accident. I needed the rebar but not the raffia.

Here is the progression post.

Do you remember the beer at least? :joy::sunglasses:

Na, I am boring. I had iced coffee and diet pepsi.

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Whatever does it for you.

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