ROCKS! Great material for bonsai

Check theses babies out! I recently visited Formia, a mountainous region on the coast of southern Italy. In my adventures admiring the beautiful trees of the rocky terrain across the mountains I notice a lot of the rock was this very coarse, holy, volcanic like material. I searched for over a week for a few perfect bonsai rocks, cleaned them up, vacuum sealed them and paid 100€ to have them shipped back to Canada. I got the strangest look from the clerk at the boxing/mailing centre but it was worth the try! Although I had her call to ensure I was allowed to send them out of Italy, I wasn’t completely convinced Canadian customs would let them in…but…behold! Two weeks later they arrived! I’m stoked. We don’t have anything like this here, at least the west coast. Just thought I’d share my experience. And let the community know, if you have access to south Italy, take a trip and search the mountains. You’ll find the most incredible rock almost made for bonsai!

FYI: the small round rock was shaped a lot more like the taller one. These are fairly fragile rocks though and on its journey half way across the world it broke in half. The only part that was useable was one side of the break so I’m left with a more round shape than originally intended. But it’ll still work.


@MrJesseStrong Awesome! As a geologist, I have a weird affinity for rocks myself lol. Being on the west coast, you should have access to different types of volcanic rock as you’re near the “ring of fire.” I imagine the rock would be more mafic (darker colored) as opposed to this felsic rock (lighter colored).

Hi Jesse,
What are you going to plant on them?

Kidding me?! Man I’ve always wanted to be a geologist. I’ve been mesmerized by rocks since I was a child. Although we are in the ring of fire, almost all the rocks in the interior of BC are shale. It’s hard to find anything here that isn’t square or flat. Which is why I put so much effort bringing these home. So unique to have rocks like these here.

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I’m not 100% sure to be honest. I didn’t collect them with trees in mind. These are special so I’m going to sit on them until I have the material that speaks to me. I’ll keep the forum updated though, that’s for sure!

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These are fantastic rocks for bonsai work!

Holy? Must be the Italian origin. :it: :church:

Their quite holey, too! :hole:

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