Question on comment from blog post “choosing your ceramics “

I’m curious about the horticultural concepts behind a comment made in the blog post. “Also, on a horticultural level, conifers depend on a greater availability of water/oxygen exchange for microbiotic activity. Nonglazed containers better allow these exchanges to take place.” I have never heard that before and would like to understand the science behind it. Is it due to the presence of the glaze itself or a more indirect link?

Yes, I believe it is due to the glaze itself. Think about an unglazed terracotta container versus a glazed pot, which one bleeds water or is more porous, thereby allowing more exchange? Glaze seals water, it turns almost into glasslike-nonporous surface during the firing process - it allows for ceramics that will hold liquid to not seep like you see with unglazed containers.


Yeah makes sense. That’s really interesting, I hadn’t heard of or thought of that before. Great info to keep in mind ! Thank you!