Difference between white-lid or green-lid wound sealant?

Hey folks, quick Q if I may.

This brand of cut paste/putty is my preferred and I’ve always gone for the white lid for my deciduous trees.


Does anyone know if it’s purely colour/aesthetic (one being grey for deciduous, the other being brownish for evergreen) or if there’s any actual horticultural difference between the paste in the white and green top tubs? :thinking:

I googled to no avail. Probably doesn’t help that I don’t actually know the name of this beloved product.

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I have heard that they have different hormones in them that are better suited for each type of tree.

I’ve also heard the only difference is the color.


I use the deciduous version on both of deciduous and conifers.

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Ive thought I heard Ryan say in a past stream that it is just the color, but I may be mistaken.

On my jar of green I wrote “conifer” at some point but dont remember why. I just use whatever color matches the best to the bark.

If you get an image of the entire label, there are groups on Reddit that will translate it for free. I’ve used them before.

Just the color! Green for conifers, white for deciduous

I’ve seen written in a store that the green lid for conifers has hormones to help callousing.

Thanks @BillsBayou that’s a good idea, in case it specifies on the label.

Good link, that is the most description that I’ve ever seen on these products. That’s the first time I’ve seen it recommend mixing with water. Does anyone do that?

And so the white, deciduous putty has no hormones or fungicides? Great to know, I think I’ll stick to 5lbs of duct seal for $15 and continue to brush on rooting hormone (which seems like a good callous former).


I’ve never needed to mix any water with it, in fact it seems oil-based and feels like water wouldn’t really mix with it. I use water (or saliva) to stop it sticking to my finger when i’m pressing it into the wound.

Interesting what you’re staying about using rooting hormone @Jayhawk. Is it a IBA based rooting hormone you used? Wonder if it’s the same hormone they put in the green-lid putty :thinking:

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Yes, IBA 0.1%, just the “over-the-counter” rooting powder. It might not be enough to do anything. On the recent deciduous live stream, Ryan mentioned that the green lid has 2, IBA and IAA? I’m not sure if I got the latter right,

I’m also not sure what I’m doing helps. I’ve done some and not on others, but then I always forget to mark them :frowning:

I’ve tried it on a couple now. :+1:t2: Just made a paste out of IBA-based rooting powder, let it dry a little and then covered with white-lid sealant. Thanks for the tip about the recent deciduous live stream. It’s next on my list to watch anyway, from the library, so I’ll listen out for the part about green-lid.