Question excluded from the q&a

Hey Sam, just curious to why my question about common junipers was not in the q&a? As you can see it was posted before the forum thread was closed and yet not on the stream or in the library even though it was less than 20 questions? /Simon

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Simon, my question was not brought up and answered either. Perhaps we misunderstood what the procedure for APEX members to obtain answers to questions…Sam???

Hello guys, this was the live q+a video. The forum q+a video will be in the library soon. I hope this helps…

Max, yes I noticed this and asked for this post to be removed. Looking forward to seeing the forum q&a. Cheers /Simon

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Hey all! Sorry for any confusion, and sorry for my delay–was painting my house this weekend so not online at all!

Max is right–Live and Forum Q+As are two separate videos. The Forum Q+A takes longer to edit, as we put all your pictures into the video. It’s available in the library now & I’ve added further clarification on this to the new Forum Q+A thread.

Thanks for your understanding!