Question about Prunus Mume age

There’s a Prunus Mume on offer for cheap. It’s pretty good looking but it’s 45 years old already, and I hear they don’t live much past 50. Is this true?

I am not sure. But there is a Prunus mume in the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum that is 180 years old. Nothing last forever. “This too shall pass”

So why is it cheap? Is it in good health? Maybe worth the risk to learn the needs of this species and nurse in into a thriving specimen.
I believe all material has potential. It may turn out to be a show stopper, or it may end up being a treasured sign of spring in your backyard.

They do live a lot longer then that. This one’s over a 100.

Although they can be tricky to deal with.

It’s in good health. It’s a reputable seller, I’ve bought from them before.

The tree’s normal price is €700, but was up for auction. Sometimes the guy just needs to clear some bench space and he put some of his less developed material up for auction on eBay. I passed on it, but it ended up selling for €270. It was a beauty too.