Purchasing pots in Tokyo

I am planning a trip to Tokyo and will be there only a few days. Does anyone have suggestions on where to buy a few pots? Thanks in advance.

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I had fun haggling at the Ueno Green Club. Near a beautiful park with museums and stuff (can’t remember the name). There were several old timers there selling used pots, and it’s fun to look at the trees too.

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I’m jealous. Spent a couple of years in that area. USN.
Didnt do ANY bonsai related outings… now; food, shopping, and nightlife…!
Go see the Imperial Palace grounds! Pay attention to the landscape trees. Temples were fun places.
Just Google ‘bonsai pots near me’ when you get there.
Or, use Google maps NOW, go there, and then quarry the same. Tons of stuff shows up. Look for secondhand / antique stores. They were always fun!
Don’t be afraid to go down dark alleys. All of the locals were friendly and helpfull.
Oh ya, figure out how to SHIP stuff home… your hotel concierge should be helpfull. Keep reciepts.
Don’t be afraid to use the trains!

Okay, thanks for the advice. I ended up not having much free time in Tokyo, so was only able to visit the Bonsai Museum (Shunka-en), the Bonsai garden and museum set up by Bonsai master Kunio Kobayashi (three times winner of the Prime Ministers Award, the most prestigious price to be won in Japan). They have some really old trees there (500 years), and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Tokyo.

Thanks for the advice on finding pots. Due to schedule constraints, I wasn’t able to go to any stores but if I’m there again, I will make sure I have time to do so.