Finding affordable pots

Has anyone found a source for adorable ceramics? Something to train in more than the final perfect home. Light weight plastic ones are terrible to look at. But I can’t spend hundreds on every tree .

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Ocean State Job Lots surprisingly has a great selection! Take a look online and in your local retailer!

My local bonsai guy is about 60 miles away lol. But i will check out the source you sighted .

I use strainers for developing but then also move to terracotta pots. They look really good and still help with development. Then again if you want them in bonsai pots then I would think of them as an investment. The pots will move forward with you over time. So maybe just invest in one or two pots when you can and that way build up a nice collection over time.

Mica ones are affordable and heavy. If you can spray paint or airbrush decently they look good and last

These look really good!

Depending on what you want Wigerts in Florida has a ton of pots.
The mica pots are heavy weight and very affordable.
The shipping seems high, but the price is still not too bad.

Heavy weight, indestructible and affordable.
But only one color.

Bonsai outlet has some cheaper ceramics from 10- 14 inches last I checked.

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Well yeah I would like more then thaw moca look but worth a look

They can be painted ANY color!

Try He has reasonable and quality pots - looks like many under $100.

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So local ceramic artists and bonsai club members who make pots are my sources. They bring product to meetings and sell in online auctions. I have had custom pots made for specific trees for less than $70. Unique container for unique tree. I use mica for development after growing in pond basket, colander, or grow bags. Support your local artists if you want them to be there in the future.