Prunus Inscia "Midori"

I’m wondering what the general consensus is on my cherry tree. I purchased over the winter bare root, potted up and kept in an unheated gargage in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I used a soil mix of diatomaceous earth (50%) and a 1/1/1 of lava, akadama, and bonsai block. I potted in a root bag because my plan was to put it in agrow bed once it sprouted leaves. However, it finally bushed buds and sprouted about a week ago and the leaves curled inwards about 3-4 days ago. I currently have had the tree tipped to help any potential overwatering the last 36 hours. The soil around the roots is damp, but not water logged.

It was already treated with Bonide systemic as a preventative for fungal issues (along with my other trees) as well as copper and Bonide Fung-Oil when I first noticed the curling leaves.

That’s a bunch of chemicals to put on a sick plant it might be making things worse.