Issue with contorted Cherry tree

Hello all. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Im in Chicago area (zone 5b). The pictured cherry tree has leaves browning on ends, curling and some with spots. I pro-actively spray trees with bayer 3 in 1 insecticide/fungicide. Any thoughts on cause of browning leaves. Acquired about 3 months ago and its still in a deeper nursery pot. Question — possible that I’m overwatering? With extremely hot temps we’ve had and my increased watering, I’m wondering if deeper roots possibly staying too wet??? Or, a fungus of some sort? Big thanks for any feedback

I think I see an aphid on one of the leaves in the third picture maybe? A trick I’ve learned about control of aphids and spider mites is to just use a somewhat strong steam of water… strong enough to jostle the leaves and dislodge the bugs. I heard it takes about a day or two for any of the bugs to climb back up (and they might get eaten along the way) so spraying with water every day should get rid of them.

@Winnipeg-Walt — you’re spot on! Took to nursery this evening and put a leaf under a scope and saw spider mites. Good eyes…! :grinning: