Procumbens Fungus

Hi, all my procumbens junipers are dying. I guess it can be a fungus attack. I am attaching pictures. Does it look like fungus? What s hould I do? Thanks!

Hi @Roman
Cut out the dead bits (leave a bit for jin).
How is your drainage? It looks like you are growing in plastic sacks?
Where are you? What temperatures have your trees been experiencing?

Same as Andy wrote.
It might be blight.
Also get that Bindweed out, it is very invasive. It will grow from a piece as small as 1/4”. Nasty stuff!

Hi Andy, thanks for your answer.

The plastic bag is how I bought them in the nursery.

I am from Chile, South America, we´re in summer in Santiago, with hot temperatures…that´s why I believe it might be fungus. Water + high temperature…the thing is I don´t know which fungus it can be, and what to do…




OK Chris, thanks!


Hi @Roman,
If it is fungus, that is a symptom and not the cause. If the balance of water and oxygen is correct in the roots the plant will fight back. Try taking the dead plants out of their bags and try to work out what has happened. You may want to think about a repot, depending on what you find.