Problem with flies, seems like fungus gnats

Hello everyone,

I have noticed some tiny flies around my azaleas.
I did a little research and it could be fungus gnats.
Can they harm my trees? And what van i do about it? I read about a vinegar water mix.
Photos are attached, and many thanks in advance.

Regards Kevin

They are fungus gnats. There are quite a few different ways you can get rid of them. 1. Apple cider vinegar trap. 2. substitute this for beer. 3. Yellow sticky tape fly trap. 4. Cinnamon is a well known fungicide but having never used it (I loathe the smell of it) you would have to research that one. 5. Pyrethrin is also another instant killer.

There are others and plenty of articles online about them. I just squish them!!!

  1. The flies won’t hurt much of anything. Kind of like a
    nephew at a wedding… . Hang a sticky trap or
  2. You ARE using organic fertilizer. It’s great for the
    trees. It needs to digest to be effective. Fungus
    and bacteria.
    Tends to draw flies. They lay eggs. Healthy soil bugs
    can take care of minor problems. Nematodes, etc.
    Would be surprised if you DONT have spiders…
  3. Anti fungals would kill the organic digestion of the
    fertilizer. Bug killers do in the good bugs, including
    the soil bugs.
    Comes with the hobby. Do whatever you can live with.
    First good frost in two weeks will do the trick. Even if you kill them, their daughters will be back in the spring.
    Enjoy! Bonsai On!