Pitch Pine Yamadori

Thought I’d share this Pitch Pine I collected. I had far less pumice than expected so i had to make do with a cornucopia of pumice, akadama and topsoil for a few days until its delivered. I’m a huge advocate for pitch pine. They’re spectacular trees and one of the greatest North American species in regards to bonsai and due to circumstances highly underused.


What sort of circumstances?

It tends to be protected. It was used to make pitch to seal the wood on sailing ships back in olden times (as well other things) and was vastly over harvested.

Ah, okay. I like seeing ppl work with seldom used material. I collected a couple of loblolly pines recently. I see them so often because they’re native. I was doubly excited to see that there’s not much information on them. What sort of pine is pitch? Single or multi flush?

I also like to see people using less “mainstream” material as well. Pitch Pines are double flush and can back bud on ridiculously thick bark. They’re pretty wonderful. However some folk don’t love the yellowish needles as opposed to the rich greens in black pines and other varieties.

Here’s an example of back budding off the trunk of an ancient pitch pine:

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