Pinyon Pine Needles Discoloration


I have a pinyon pine that’s apparently been healthy for the last 2 years, still see some back budding but I started noticing some past year needles start getting brownish and this has spread on some other branches, although hasn’t affected any other juvenile needles and haven’t affected this year needles.

I know I started applying some copper fungicide but not sure what’s happening and I’m attaching 1 close up pics on some needles I plucked away. I 'd like some confirmation this is a fungal disease and if this can be mitigated somehow along the next months/years.

P.S.: I’ve noticed some black dots in those discolored needles as you can notice in the pics. I’m kinda of reluctant to believe this is due to the heatwave.

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possible cause?

@Bonsai_bob that’s a great source of information, wasn’t aware of these insects. I’ve noticed scale-like bumps on the affected needles for those reported cases online.

In my case I haven’t noticed any bumps but a “smooth” surface where these black spots are present.

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