Pinus Sylvestris Watereri Overhaul

So after 5 hours of completely overhauling this tree from its natural form…some fairly big bends and a whole lot of wire I realized I didn’t have a before photo. This tree took on a pretty drastic transformation that I now can’t show anyone because I completely forgot to take a before shot. I wanted to share anyway as I did put a lot of work into this tree and am pretty happy with the outcome. There will obviously be changes to come but after the long day I’m calling this finished for now. @ryan you’ll notice a few preformed hooks, hope I did your technique justice!

Note : I would usually take the organic route and use raffia on big bends like the ones utilized in today’s work, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough to complete all the wrapping. Being a tattooer and having our industries version of vet wrap on hand I decided to give it a try. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but it allowed me to finish the work uniformly today.