2 Pinus sylvestris created with Ryan at the SBR22

The Scandinavian Bonsai Retreat 2022 was held last weekend, and we had Ryan there to guide us all. I just wanted to share my two trees here as I had an overall amazing time working with him there and I feel like my learning has taken incredible leaps forward.

Both trees are Norwegian, collected by Per Arild Gjerde in a southeastern coastal area.

1st tree I have always imagined as a cascade, but after trying to find the right angle for 2 years (and also bringing it to the Forum Q&A) and not really getting anywhere I was very open to ideas. When Ryan suggested flipping it and building he crown around the spiraling move the trunk has my love for the tree was reinvigorated.
It feels like more of a conceptual piece, than a naturalistic interpretation and for me its all about showing off the lovely, age old jin at the base, the gnarly bark and the wiggly movement in the trunk.
I think I’ll try and find a octagonal container with some hard lines, that will allow for the tree to be seen from multiple angles, as it has merits all the way round.

Second tree is more of the same concept; showing a nice line, and framing it with wide pads.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts, if any! Thanks for looking in any case :slight_smile:


Nice and gnarly trees!

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Yes it’s very interesting pine with beautiful bark. You have to choose an octagonal or round pot for this plant. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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