Pinus (Sylvestris?) Bark

Hello fellow Mirai members,
There are some Pinus Sylvestris (i think) tree’s at a park nearby. What do u guys think of this bark quality? Is it average? To me it looks like superb quality. I want to collect the seeds but the cones are out of reach, even with a 10m stick I wont be able to reach them. Any ideas? It seems like there are no seeds on the ground around the tree either?

EDIT: Okay nevermind, I’m retracting all my speculation about the species, haha. I have no idea.

That said, my only idea for getting seeds would be to fly a drone up and knock some cones off, or visit the tree after a major wind event.

How and when do you collect pine cones for the seeds?

A drone can be a really good idea!
About the species, there are really only 3 options since i live in The Netherlands.

  • Sylvestris
  • Mugo
  • Nigra

About 95% of pine in my country region is Sylvestris.

About pine seeds collecting, you pluck the greenish/brownish cones in October (Northern Hemisphere) from the tree, let is dry on a tray in your house on a warm spot. Preferably on your house heater. After a few days they turn dark brown and a few days later they open and you find many seeds which can be used to grow bonsai

I found a another big old flaky Sylvestris as parent tree. Big big healthy cones within arm reach. Collected some.
Can’t wait to plant the seeds late winter/early spring.

Thanks. Well I’ll be off with the kids then looking for pine cones this weekend :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Have fun :slight_smile:

Im also going to collect more at the end of Nov. Labelling all on collection date, to see which ones have a higher germination rate.

That is some extremely nice bark. I think I got confused about the species for a moment because we just don’t have any Sylvestris that old around here. A lot of people plant them as landscaping trees, but they’re all pretty small and still have the thin, papery bark. It’s really cool seeing them with the big plates.