Pinus echinata | Short Leaf Pine | General Inquiry

Hello all,

This is my first post on the forum. I have been watching the Mirai Live videos and streams for about a year now and am excited to see if this knowledgeable community has some information about a species of pine that I have been collecting over the last year. The species is Pinus echinata or commonly called the Short Leaf Pine here in Missouri where I live. In my region this species tends to be very straight with most of the foliar mass occupying the upper 1/3 – 2/3 of the tree. But the tree also grows on sandstone cliff bands and takes on a completely different behavior. They become very stunted, with lots of movement in the trunk and branches.

I have a few questions for the community and the Mirai Team:

1.) Does anyone have any experience with this species as Bonsai material? And If so, would you mind sharing photos and your experience handing them?
2.) Does anyone know if these are single or multi-flush?

I’m sure as this conversation evolves, I will have more questions, but I wanted to start simple. Here is a picture of a Pinus echinate I collected last fall off of a sandstone cliff band (I had to repel down to this tree as it was anchored into a crack about 90 feet off the deck. I blocked the tree into about the position it was growing on the cliff face. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion of this specimen (especially Ryan and the Mirai Team’s).

Thank you all in advance for you help in this matter.



I don’t think I can answer any of your questions but that’s a great looking tree. Awesome base.

nmhansen, thank you. I’m sure someone has some info.

Here is a closer look at the base. The plated bark is one of the key features of this species that has me collecting them.

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Repelling to collect!!! Just like a lot of the the ancient Black pines were collected in the mountains of Japan. :evergreen_tree: :love_you_gesture:t2:

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It’s genuinely a great time hanging off of a wall collecting yamadori. I enjoy mixing my favorite sport with my favorite hobby.

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