Picea pungens yea or nay?

So I did the initial pot on this Blue spruce yamadori, and I am looking for feedback on the container/pot I chose. It is a resin stone shaped container that has the weight and texture of many mica pots I have used.

I think the stone speaks to the mountains the tree was collected in, but realize purists would shudder to use resin or plastic or mica.
I await the response of the jury. :pensive:


I have no issue with plastic or anything else but I feel this container overwhelms the tree, I would have gone for a slab if feasible. Tree looks really interesting.


The tree looks good. I can see what your saying about stone and mountains and where the tree was collected. The stone’s texture does not look or feel like it is in the same scale as the tree though.


@rafi I feel this container overwhelms the tree

I had a lot of misgivings about the design of tree and pot and that is why I am asking for opinions. While repotting I was sad to find very few fine roots, either due to compacted soil or not enough oxygen and H2O in the collection box. I am considering this as a transition to either a shallow basin or stone slab in the future. I agree with your assessments and will grow this pretty hard this season to get it as healthy as possible for the next step.
I love the forum!! :heart_eyes: The eye of an impartial observer is what I needed to push to the next step. Thank you all. Eager to hear others opinions or advice.

I love the tree. The shared trunk/base and the exposed root holding on to the wall to support the forward mass,

I think @rafi and @ThienXiang are spot on. I think something more like this is calling for it http://goods.bonsaimirai.com/product/rugged-slab-no-8… I know it’s easy to say oh yeah this will look great, just toss it in this $800 art piece, but you know what I mean. This look, with a slightly more vertical tilt.

Just my .02

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@moon Darn, says they are sold out! Guess I will have to find a different source . Thinking about trying to make my own out of vinyl concrete. My wife makes beautiful leaves the size of rhubarb leaves to use as bird baths/feeders and to decorate her perennial beds.:thinking:
Too many projects going right now. Need to keep my bald cypress alive.:persevere:

I hear ya. I have made a few pots with Shapecrete…google it…it’s fun. Congrats on the yard-adori. That’s the best when it works out. @rafi has some great yard-adori working right now as well. Some of this guys stuff looks awesome too. I may have to drop him a line! Bonsai in the andes: giving the first steps (pots, rocks, stones and slabs)

I agree with many of the comments about the current container. Over years of using some amateurish pots I made or unusual alternatives, I have concluded well done professional pots convey a simpler, more dignified feeling thus reinforcing the focus on the bonsai and not it’s wardrobe.


OT: that’s an incredible cypress. I’ve been back to stare at it four times today.

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