My bonsai containers

Hello everyone,
I am sharing pictures of bonsai receptacles that I made. They are made of galvanized steel and polymers.

In a few days I will show you other containers that I have not finished yet


Very nice.
Are they steel mesh frames made into shape?
What polymer is the coating? How are they coloured?

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Thanks Jimothy :slight_smile:
I use steel mesh frames with galvanized steel rods.
I use two kinds of polymers. The first is softer to allow better penetration of the frame. The second is firmer and allows to create many details.
For the color I use a mixture of oil paint and liquid polymer. Everything is cooked afterwards. I was inspired by painting techniques of scale models

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@Shany That is some serious artistry there. I like the organic feel and natural appearance as well as texture of those containers. Online store?

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thank you so much Nathan,
Yes the shapes are very organic, I like the contrast between the stone look and the organic forms. I try to communicate a story, as if the stone had melted and then come to life.

I started making these bonsai pots for my own pleasure but several people encouraged me to start a small workshop. I have a website, but I do not sell my creations yet. The website is not yet fully operational. I give myself 2 weeks to finish it.

Those are awesome! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Bonsai_Bentley :slight_smile:

For those who would like to see more photos of my work, here is the site of my workshop: