Help with container type/brand ID


I was wondering if anyone knows what type of container or brand is in the picture? It’s from one of the feature content pieces from the Italy trip and it looks like a lot of the trees you can see in the garden shots are planted in this type. I’m trying to bonsai on a budget over here and these are some pretty nice looking containers for being what looks like plastic so I’m trying to find out where to buy them.

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Not sure where you are but most big bonsai shops should offer similar plastic containers. This one seems to have gained “patina” due to exposure to the elements.

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New England Bonsai Garden (nebg) which is also have basically the same pots for sale. They are different from most of the Amazon picks because they have more angled sides and have taller feet. They weather nicely after one season which dulls the plastic and makes it look MORE like unglazed ceramic than others I’ve encountered.

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I haven’t ordered from them but Wigert’s has some nice mica and plastic pots on their website

Thanks! Those are pretty nice. I haven’t been able to find the ones in the picture though. I guess the ones in the pic I uploaded seem interesting because the shape and color are slightly different than a lot of mica and plastic pots I’ve seen elsewhere.

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So if you go to Amazon and search for bonsaioutlet it will show a bunch of stuff, but among others are these pots.

And like I said they don’t look it now but after - few months of watering and sun( weathering) they look more like the one you are trying to find.

I think they’re available here: Recycled Plastic Bonsai Pots - Rectangular - 4 Size Options. I know I’m being picky but these are distinctly different in shape (especially the rim of the container). I was hoping to find some for sale, even if online, in the US. If I’m being honest, I was also assuming that if a bonsai garden of the caliber of the one in the Italy features was using them then they might be of a higher caliber than some others more commonly found on amazon and other chain type stores.