Pest Identification Help

Hi everyone, I found this little guy eating my new buds on my Scots Pine. Does anyone know what it is? I treated with Bayer 3 in 1 and hope that fixes it. The bud he was in just disintegrated when I touched it and that’s when I saw him and plucked him out with twissor’s.

Thanks in advance

Looks like European pine shoot moth larvae. Bayer should do the trick, bonide makes a borer-miner product that would work as well

Thanks for your help. I sprayed right away, but haven’t seen any more besides the one that I pulled off. I found 5 buds on different branches that it had eaten. If one did all of that damage, those things are voracious. The buds literally crumbled in my fingers and they were about 2" long. Very bummed. I think that I will spray again next weekend per instructions to make sure that they are gone for good.