One last one. 😎

Got bored working at home and went to my local nursery’s clearance section. Found this little loropetalum for $22.50. I liked the movement and it should be pretty cool with its purple leaves and pink flowers. It’s pretty sparse, but it’s loaded with buds.


Don’t lie, it’s not the last one.

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Okay, last one this week…perhaps. :laughing: I just couldn’t pass it up. That’s a top down view of it. From my proposed front it’s pretty cool. It’s far too cold outside to try to look for the nebari though. Maybe early next week when it’ll get back up to the mid 60’s.

It’s never the last one. I came home with half a dozen boxwood’s that were on the curb the other night. #trashadori


The post title was very truthful. One last one. Then came two last one and then the third last one … until we reach last one before the last one eventually one day.

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I missed out on what could have been a cool trashadori the other day. Someone cut down an orange tree. Had the debris on the side of the road. Went back to “collect” it and trash dudes came and took it away. Missedadori. Tearsadori. :sob:

Just a thought, put it in the ground. Loropetalum grows fast, you might be able to get some quick size on the trunk. When pruning keep in mind this plant is in the witch hazel family and can cause a rash to some people.

I actually like it’s current size. That pic does make it look pretty small. It’s not large by any means, but I like it’s proportions. I’m gonna air layer off that branch around that red mark though and grow that. You can’t see it in the pic, but that’s about 50% of it.

Okay, initial enthusiasm is wearing off a bit. Semi-rational bonsai brain kicking in. Someone on Reddit pointed out that my proposed cut point provides little taper. I could cut here instead. If I did this I’d likely put it in the ground like @KevinNGa suggested or just accept that it’ll take awhile to grow out the new leader in a container.

Loropetalum is fast growing whatever you decide. In the landscape we think of them like weeds.

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Very true. I had some go from 3’ to 3’ taller than I am in a couple of years. I may start conservative and go with the original cut and then keep cutting back from there as the tree evolves. We’ll see. I’ve got a few months before I can even really make the first move.