No Nitrogen 0-10-10 Fall Fertilizer Links and Resources

This post is specifically for those looking to source low N fertilizer. Please post your favorite here.
Not here to argue whether you need low nitrogen fertilizer for fall deciduous, please have that conversation elsewhere.

It took me an hour or so of searching but I found this one that seems great and is what I’m going to use on deciduous. We’re in Colorado so late Fall and early Spring warm spells happen all the time. Even if I’m being over cautious, this is the approach I will be taking. Again, please have the “you really don’t need low N” conversation in another tread if you feel it’s a conversation that needs to happen.

EB Stone Bloom 0-10-10
Company link:
MSDS Sheet:
Another Vendor:
Amazon Link:

Another organic Flower Fuel 1-34-32
Company Link:
Amazon Link:

Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10
Here’s a chemical one if you’re into that:

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The EB Stone product is the one I found as well and I’m going to try this year.

I’d like to find a product that was more of a pellet like BioGold rather than granular like the EB Stone. I wonder if it’s possible to come up with a nitrogen free “recipe” that could be made into a pellet form.

We had a “hydroponics” shop that I was convinced existed for people who were more concerned with bud development. They sold a variety of fertilizers with zero nitrogen and high PK values.

I have the Alaska morbloom but pellets would be nice when it’s rainy for days

Here is a link to a thread to discuss if we really need low N fertilizer in the fall.

Hi Everyone, I’m in France so not sure if this would be available to you in america, i’ve been using Fertigreen Thomas 0-8-15 image there’s the image, its granulated, small pellets.